SSB Offshore

While SSB Bouman focuses on activities on land, SSB Offshore can be found offshore. We can blast, spray and preserve technical installations offshore, such as gas installations, wind installations and oil rigs. This protects your offshore installations against weather, wind and sea influences.

What SSB Offshore stands for

  • A high degree of knowledge and quality of processes and activities
  • We are a partner for our customers and strive to achieve an optimal result together with our customer
  • Family business with a long history of blasting and painting
  • Great knowledge of the various pre-treatment techniques
  • Experience with a wide range of (paint) systems
  • In-house Nace inspection available
  • Qualified applicator TSA Shell
  • Long-term relationships with staff, customers and suppliers
  • Large work location in Hoogeveen for, among other things, prefab activities
SSB Offshore protects offshore installations against all weather
SSB Offshore is a specialist in industrial blasting and painting with extensive knowledge and experience in pretreatment techniques and a wide range of (paint) systems.

COP Offshore solutions

To better meet the demand from the market, SSB Offshore has entered into a partnership with Isolatie combination Ltd., Multimetaal offshore Ltd. and Steigerbouw van der Panne Ltd. in COP, Cooperating Offshore Partners JV. All these companies have acquired their own speciality in offshore maintenance and have made this their core business. In addition, the companies have experienced that various specialised activities cannot exist without each other within maintenance. With COP you, therefore, have one provider with real specialists who complement each other perfectly. You thus get the market leader in maintenance on board.