Painting works

In addition to work at our own company location, our employees also carry out various painting work on location. The quality and craftsmanship of the past, the materials and the speed of today. Together they ensure that you are sure of good craftsmanship for a good price at SSB Bouman.

The employees of SSB Bouman also carry out various painting works on location with modern equipment and sustainable products.

Activities on location

SSB Bouman can perform various activities on location for you. This includes:

  • Application of synthetic resin epoxy and polyurethane wear layers
  • Sound-absorbing coatings (with Twaron fibre)
  • Multi-layer systems
  • Metal spraying ZN/AL; approved supplier Shell aluminising
  • Zinc silicate
  • Acid-resistant coatings
  • Bridge decks/lock gates
  • Sponge-Jet
  • Floor coatings/liquid-tight/cast floors
SSB Bouman can perform various activities for you on location

CO2 dry ice blasting

SSB Bouman has a lot of experience with the application of dry ice blasting. Application takes place in, among others:

  • Cleaning of railway bridges
  • Pretreatment/cleaning in the food industry
  • Concrete cleaning/pre-treatment
  • Remove loose paint layers