COP Offshore solutions established

DEN HELDER – ‘Off the ground’, literally and figuratively. A new offshore contractor with plenty of experience was recently established. With a new approach, four specialist maintenance parties will work together under the name Cooperating Offshore Partners BV - abbreviated COP. The partnership can offer offshore operators in wind energy, oil, and gas production many advantages.

COP will offer a complete offshore service package in the field of insulation, constructions, pipes & valves, scaffolding and blasting and painting.
This will make things easier for offshore parties. They will have only one point of contact that takes care of the safe, efficient and expert handling of their projects. Because the maintenance activities are closely coordinated, savings of up to 15% on TCO costs can be achieved.

The partnership

Who are the companies active within COP? First of all, there is Multimetaal Offshore, active in engineering, fabrication, installation and maintenance of constructions, pipes and valves. The second party is Isolatie Combinatie; an experienced industrial insulation company that carries out all insulation work, including the associated engineering. The third party is Steigerbouw van der Panne, a very experienced scaffolding builder who can install safe scaffolding and rope access solutions in even the most challenging locations with a team of experienced builders.
The fourth is SSB offshore; a blasting and painting company focused on the industry and offshore with broad knowledge of (paint) systems to be applied.

In short, the companies within COP complement each other and, in this way, offer a complete solution for a range of diverse maintenance projects.

Extensive experience in offshore

These real family companies together have more than 150 years of experience in offshore. The partners have a high level of staff commitment, short lines of communication and place great value on customer loyalty.

Safe but also sustainable and cost-efficient

Within COP, safety is number one. But working in a sustainable and efficient way and saving costs are of course also important. Cost savings can result from more efficient transport of staff and material to the platforms. Fewer transport movements is also safer. COP also looks at environmentally-friendly sustainability technology.

The advantages at a glance

Offshore operators achieve cost savings thanks to the participating specialists. COP has a great deal of experience and in-depth knowledge of all fields. Furthermore, the offshore operator has a single point of contact for all activities. That’s a big advantage. The specialist employees work together within each other’s disciplines and provide demonstrable security through their certifications and insurances. Is this a reason to further explore COP? The website is already up